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Downsizing Sale

psst…. don’t have any details yet but I’m having a sale April 10 and 11. It will be in Poulsbo 8am to 5pm  both days. I’ll give you a hint, its a down sizing sale, a very artsy crafter, collector

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How I research pricing for my estate sales

Do you recognize this radio? Have you ever wondered upon some truly vintage item at an Estate Sale and thought it way over priced? I want to tell you a little about how I go about pricing.This rare vintage raido

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Moving Sale January 23 & 24th 9am to 5pm

Family moving and leaving treasures behind. Lots of cool and useful items. Kitchen ware from high end knifes to fine tea sets for your next sushi party. Swarovski telescope with Bosch tripod. Exceptional quality.easily disassembled to take along. Very nice

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Green House Fabrics

This shopping page is here for you to browse and enjoy. There is the price assigned to each item but you are more than welcome to leave a bid. Right now the page is full of inventory from my years of retail. I’ve closed all of my retail venues and have tons of stuff to pass along, items have prices assigned but you are more than welcome to make an offer. I will be using this page in the future for sales.

Upcoming sales

April 2018, featured will be Asian antiques, beautiful works of art  from local artisans, as well as lithographs. Furniture and small watch for more information