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Furniture is a very important part of your décor. The style and look of the furniture set the stage for what the room is used for.

Whether you are remodeling or just looking to update or clean, questions of the furnishings will come up. Re-Upholster or Buy New what is right for you? As a Lifestyle planner, I can help you find the answer for you based on a number of considerations budget, style, comfort, and quality. Most people have too much furniture in a room. Quite often I am able to identify a surplus of furniture that when removed opens the space for more living. Luckily this means you can turn your excess into cash for purchasing of the new items that fit your current lifestyle or ways to repurpose items you already have.

Furniture on a Budget

Upholstering is not the cheap way out. But, if you have a quality piece of furniture and it fits your space, it can be better than buying new, this is especially true if it is a piece with sentimental value or an antique. I pride myself on my work relationships, they are long and true. This means I can rely on my contractors!

Buying New Furniture

The retail marketplace has more quality and budget minded home furnishings than ever before. You can control the money and get the look you want. When shopping for furniture there are many levels available if you just want something to get you started a retail venue like IKEA, Target, Pier One etc… could be a one stop shop for you. The furnishings you will find in this range will typically be stapled together soft woods and cardboard. This price range will tend to last well with more formal use and not so well in the family room.

The next level would be of better woods with some joints glued and screwed and will have many options. The price points in this range will be guided by options such as fabrics, cushion fill, 8-way hand tied seating decks, and on and on…..

In the high end and custom level, the sky is the limit; you can determine a size, seating, style, and fabric. These furnishings will be dried hardwood frames dowels, glued and screwed construction, making you a family heirloom.

Kravet Furniture Made in the USA

Once again I will state that relationships are key in this business. I have proudly sold Kravet furniture for the last 15 years. Kravet is the industry leader in to-the-trade home furnishings, including fPaisley Place Interiors is your local source for Kravets Furnitureabrics, furniture, wall coverings, trimmings, carpet, and accessories. Kravet offers a full range of upholstered pieces in various sizes and styles to meet your needs. In addition to sofas, chairs, ottomans, and the basics, this collection included upholstered beds, sleepers, benches, lounges and exposed frame chairs. With your choice of more than 60,000 fabrics, your styling options are limitless and you’re sure to fin the perfect look for your piece. Custom options are available for many of our upholstered pieces, including sofas, chairs, ottomans, beds, and more. Choose the fabric, customize sizing and finish, and make the piece work perfectly for your lifestyle and interior.

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