EZ Life Transitions: Move managementEstate sales and downsizing Kitsap County with a focus on Senior downsizing

 Helping Kitsap Co. and the Olympic Peninsula with move management, downsizing and decluttering since 2009.

At EZ Life Transitions, we help our clients manage their move, whatever the reason, we pride ourselves in providing the utmost attention to detail and respectful care for all your items.

EZ Life Transitions is a move management company providing assistance with your life transitions. Whether you are moving from a three-story family home, due to a death in the family, downsizing, or just want to declutter.

EZ Life Transitions is a passion that arose when I helped my husband and his siblings close out their mother’s condo after her passing in 2009. I saw firsthand how stressful this can be for a family. They all had jobs and family commitments. I quickly realized having a third unbiased person come into this situation can be the best thing for everyone, even in full agreement this is an emotional time. Whether EZ Life Transitions is helping you with a big transition or, we are just helping you declutter, so you can remain in your home, we bring our passion for what we do to calm the chaos, making your transition as smooth as possible.

Call for an on-site visit with me, we’ll meet to see how we can best assist with your need, and discuss our options to help your individual situation.

Each sale has its own set of challenges,  and all though we have a base fee to start, pricing can only be arrived at by an entire overview. At EZ Life Transitions, we strive to provide the best solution for our clients with as little, or as much assistance as needed. Call today for more information and to schedule an appointment.

Starting Base Fee for assistance:

2 Person crew, set up for sale starts @ $45.00 per hour.

           (3 bedroom home approximately, 15 to 25 hours, prepared for virtual and/or site sale)

 20% Commission on Total of Sales.

4%   Charge for each credit card transaction.


“Pauline and her assistants did an outstanding job for our estate.” Sue Moses

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to assist you with your next life transition, calming the chaos so you don’t have to.

Looking forward to meeting you,

Pauline Nolta


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This shopping page is here for you to browse and enjoy. There is the price assigned to each item but you are more than welcome to leave a bid. Right now the page is full of inventory from my years of retail. I’ve closed all of my retail venues and have tons of stuff to pass along, items have prices assigned but you are more than welcome to make an offer. I will be using this page in the future for EZlifetransition.com sales.

Upcoming sales

April 2018, featured will be Asian antiques, beautiful works of art  from local artisans, as well as lithographs. Furniture and small watch for more information