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appliquéd wisteria Queen duvet and shams

appliqued wisteria Queen duvet and shams

“Inspirational Room Starts” is a new product from Paisley Place Interiors. It’s a great way to find inspiration for that room that you have putting off way too long. A “Inspirational Room Start Kit” is a grouping of 4 to 10 items, may be small, may be large, that will call you to action? How many times have you looked at a vignette and said oh “I could build a room around that”but it just never happened.

I can make it happen  for you.

From time to time I will be posting “Inspirational Room Starts” vignettes, if you see one that inspires you let me know. Already have your inspiration? Call me I’ll help you create a new space on your budget. You can buy a Vignette from PPI or  use what you have … call for more information about

“Inspirational Room Starts”

With the purchase of the “Inspirational Room Starts Kit” you get a one-hour decor’ consultation.

I love mixing things that you already have with new things, whether they be new, used, vintage, or re-purposed. These projects are strictly budget driven. Do you have tchotchkes that you haven’t used in a while, some that  have packed away and forgotten? This project could  become a two fold adventure, we could get into some of those packed boxes you haven’t open since the movers set them down, who knows what you might find to decorate with in those.

You can complete your room DIY,  or Paisley Place Interiors can come in and refresh your space , while you go spend the day with your friends, come back that evening to a great reveal,(time is dependent on project)

Get a 1 hour inspirational consultation
free with purchase of a Inspirational Room Start (with in 25 miles)

_Until next time, dream in color!

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