Spring Thaw

$198.00 $125.00

Beautiful action wall art 38 and 1/2″ wide by 19″tall by 3″deep. Listen to the snow melt into the running River and the birds sing. Adjustable volume control. Late 1950s to mid-60s Circa, in excellent condition ready to hang and enjoy. More video to come.


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This shopping page is here for you to browse and enjoy. There is the price assigned to each item but you are more than welcome to leave a bid. Right now the page is full of inventory from my years of retail. I’ve closed all of my retail venues and have tons of stuff to pass along, items have prices assigned but you are more than welcome to make an offer. I will be using this page in the future for sales.

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April 2018, featured will be Asian antiques, beautiful works of art  from local artisans, as well as lithographs. Furniture and small watch for more information