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Upholstering 101


Fun in the work shopUpholstering can be an expensive undertaking. There are important questions to ask and get answered to make sure you’re making the right decisions.

Here are a few good reasons for upholstering rather than buying new:

  • -It’s a family heirloom and has good frame structure.
  • -Fits the space properly and you just can’t find the right replacement.
  • -You have sentimental and emotional attachments, or
  • -You just want a custom piece created for you that no one else has.

Whatever the reason, you need to gather all of the information regarding price, fabric availability, and design changes. With this information you are ready to make your decision and able to compare apples to apples to ensure the investment you are making is the right one for you, and your project will have the best possible outcome.

I can help you make an informed decision!  Just call or come by the  store today, or when convenient.

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